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Mar 22

Finding the perfect mattress to help get back pain relief is a challenge but these common sense guidelines will help you pick the best mattress to get better sleep and wake without body aches. How to choose the best mattress under $500 for back pain?

How to choose the best mattress for back pain under $500?


Lower back pain is a common complaint and most people suffer from some form of a bad back that is just made worse by a worn out mattress. With the overwhelming choice of mattress types available today it can be confusing trying to choose the correct one to help get rid of the lower back pain.

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Your particular body structure, age, and pre-existing pain will help to determine what will work best for you. You can choose from the traditional innerspring mattress or the newer memory foam, air mattress or latex bed. Water beds have fallen out over the years and are very hard to find.

Memory foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic are very popular and highly recommended for body aches and pains. Visco elastic foam conforms to your body to give a glove like support while not putting pressure on your body. Tempurpedic is one of the very best and will cost a bit more than some. If you have back pain this would be the first direction to take. If nothing else you can rule it out after trying if you do not like the feel of memory foam.

Air mattresses like Sleep Number bed are another great choice as they allow you to adjust the mattresses firmness level to fit your body type. Sort of a custom fit mattress and helps when it comes to pleasing two people with different support requirements. You no longer have to compromise your needs with those of your partner.

Innerspring mattresses are still the best selling type of mattress on the market. This could be due to the fact that people are slow to try new things. Finding the right coil mattress means knowing your body type. A general rule of thumb is to remember the heavier you are the firmer the support level needs to be. By contrast, the lighter you are the more you will need either a lighter gauge coil or more padding on top to compensate for the firm coil support. Most people fall into the middle with a plush support or middle of the road level. Casper vs Tuft & Needle Mattress has a diagnostic machine that will allow you to find the correct support level for your body type. Good idea.

There is an almost perfect mattress out there if you have the time to hunt it down. With a little online research and legwork, you will get rid of the back pain and sleep better every night. While some of your better beds like Tempur-Pedic do not have sales, others do. So look for sales or special promotions and save a few bucks while you save your bad back.

How can you know… if you’ve picked the right mattress?

You have an aging inner-spring mattress. It just doesn’t feel as comfortable as it did at first.

You decide to go to the furniture store and find a new mattress set. The salesman tells you to take the mattress for a test rest. You tentatively lie down on the mattress.

At the time it feels pretty comfortable.

Are you a little disappointed when you get it home and have had a few nights sleep on it? Did it feel as good as it did in the furniture store?

When judging the comfort of a mattress or bed at a furniture store you can’t be very objective. For one thing, you’re fully clothed.

Besides that, you [if you’re like me] have things in your pockets or you wear your cell phone on your belt.

Face it… you can’t really know for sure

Until you are wearing what you normally wear at bedtime and jump under the covers you can’t make an adequate choice.

Many of us have gone through this situation. Most of us do more shopping and research when looking for a Flat Screen TV than we do when looking for the right bed.

The major mattress manufacturers have a pretty good return policy… but consider what returning a mattress or bed requires.

Returning a mattress or worse still a bed is a major hassle

Even if you purchased it at a store near you there are questions you should consider.

  • Will the store pick up the mattress or bed?
  • Will you have to re-box the mattress?
  • Will you have to break down the bed and repackage it?

If you purchased your new mattress online (for a lot less than you could find it locally) then you need to consider the shipping. Shipping from the consumer back to the factory is always a lot less than the other way around.

Even my memory foam mattress topper came in a huge box which was fairly heavy and awkward.

To save on materials the merchant will compress the mattress or topper so that it will fit into a smaller box. This means it is going to be a major headache trying to fit it back in that small box for a return.

Here’s my suggestion…

If your old mattress is wearing out and starting to feel its’ age, consider getting a single memory foam mattress topper.

This assumes that there are no major sags or lumps in your current mattress. If the springs are coming through-this will not work. More on this later.

A topper will add about 4 inches to the height of the bed. This may be a little annoying at first but if it gets more mileage out of a mattress that’s on its’ way out it is a winning proposition.

It also gives you a chance to test out whether you want to make the move to a memory foam mattress topper without much expense.

Even if your mattress is only fit for the dumper you may be able to use the foundation or box springs. Using the box springs with 4 Inches of memory foam is going to be better than that old worn out mattress.

If you have any form of foundation at all… even plywood, the memory foam is going to feel better than the alternative.

Consider each of these ideas as inexpensive ways to test drive your memory foam mattress.

In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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