How To Choose a Simmons Mattress

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Sep 16

 Simmons is one of the most trusted and greatest mattress manufacturers in the mattress industry.  Simmons has re-engineered its Beautyrest mattresses to provide even greater motion reduction, conforming support and edge support all of which are essential to ensure a restful night’s sleep. The new Beautyrest mattresses are now even better at reducing sleep-disturbing motion caused by your partner’s tossing and turning. So, How to Choose a Mattress?You can Find a mattress at here:

How To Choose a Simmons Mattress

On a new Beautyrest mattress, you will sleep cradled in the comfort and support of the conforming Pocketed Coil springs. Furthermore, the edge support system of the mattresses allows you to use the entire sleep surface without that “rolling off” feeling you can get near the edge of other mattresses. With a Simmons mattress, you can rest assured you’re buying a quality mattress that not only helps you throughout the night, but because you’ve had a great night’s sleep, throughout the day as well.

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Distinguishing Features of a Beautyrest Mattress!!

Better Sleep And You Never Have to Flip It!
The exquisitely constructed Beautyrest mattresses are durable and maintenance free. Thanks to the Simmons “single-side, no-flip, no-rotate” construction, a Beautyrest mattress never needs to be flipped or rotated.

Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology Is Better Than Ever Before!

The new Beautyrest mattresses help reduce even more motion. Technological advances in coil border retention, and the introduction of Pocketed Cable Coil, the next generation of Pocketed Coil Technology, have resulted in the best Beautyrest mattresses yet. Whether your partner gets out of bed to check on the kids or, like most people, shifts position an average of 40 to 60 times a night, the Beautyrest mattress is designed so you feel fewer of your partner’s tosses and turns. If undisturbed rest through motion separation is important to you, then the MSI (motion separation index) rating of a bed is the perfect way for you to simplify the purchase decision of your new mattress.

The index puts a quantifiable measurement on how much motion will be eliminated when one partner tosses, turns, gets into or out of bed. The higher the rating, the less motion you will feel. By absorbing motion before it can transfer across the mattress, the Beautyrest mattress keeps nighttime movement where it belongs yours on your side of the bed and your partner’s on the other side. Works with rambunctious pets, too! Better sleep for the two of you that’s what Beautyrest is all about. After all, as close as you are to your partner, there’s one thing you don’t need to share: sleep motion. So you get the joy of sleeping together combined with the comfort of sleeping alone.

Introducing the HealthSmart™ bed; the best mattress for a clean and healthy sleep environment. Now you can wash away stains, germs, bacteria, dust mites, odors, and perspiration, just like when you clean your sheets.  Available on Simmons Worldclass Beautyrest Exceptionale mattresses.

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Firm, Luxury Firm, Plush or Pillow Top Comfort…

You don’t need a firm mattress to get the proper support your body needs. Firmness and support are two different things. Beautyrest mattresses are designed with Pocketed Coil technology, which allows each coil to work independently, contouring to the natural shape of the human body to support all areas evenly. So when you’re deciding between a firm, luxury firm, plush or pillow top mattress, think about your comfort preference when it comes to the “feel” of the mattress. Do you want the mattress surface to feel firm or do you like an extra layer of softness? It all comes down to your personal preference. See more below.

A firm Beautyrest mattress tends not to “give” as much as a plush or pillow top, which makes it an excellent choice if you like a firmer feeling underneath you.

Luxury Firm
A luxury firm mattress is the next level in softness, which provides a firm base with a little more cushion on top.

If you prefer a mattress with a softer surface, choose a plush Beautyrest. The plush is definitely in the middle ground — softer than the firm, but not as cushiony as the pillow top.

If you want an extra layer of softness with a cushiony feel, choose a pillow top Beautyrest. The pillow top offers a luxurious, comfortable, soft surface without compromising support.

3 Stars Classic Beautyrest Luxury Firm, Plush, Pillowtop Plush

The Classic Beautyrest line is the most economical way to enjoy the exceptional design and construction of a Beautyrest mattress. Classic Beautyrest models offer a motion separation index of 170 and uncompromised quality and comfort, making it an excellent value.

4 Stars World Class Beautyrest Firm, Plush Euro Top, and Super Pillowtop Plush

Our World Class Beautyrest line provides one of the highest levels of comfort, support and motion reduction from a Beautyrest. It provides a motion separation index of 180, is constructed with exquisite materials, and features Pillow Place for added pillow support and loft. This line is a tremendous value for those who want to invest in a great night’s sleep for years to come.

5 Stars — Exceptionale Beautyrest Available in Luxury Firm, Plush, and Super Pillow Top Plush

The outstanding Beautyrest mattress line for motion separation and comfort, the Exceptional Beautyrest now features the HealthSmart removable, washable comfort top. The Exceptionale Beautyrest with HealthSmart is the bed that helps wash away stains, germs, bacteria, dust mites, odors, and perspiration just like when you clean your sheets. And with a motion separation index of 180, you’re sure to get a peaceful, healthful night’s sleep.  This mattress is also available without the Healthsmart for a lower price.

5-Star Plush World Class Exceptionale Beautyrest available in Plush and Pillowtop Plush

The very best of our Beautyrest lineup, it includes all the benefits of the 5-star products, including HealthSmart, with the addition of alternating Pocketed Cable Coil springs to provide even more motion-dampening benefits. Also unique to the World Class Exceptional products is the high-density, foam-encased edge support, which provides enhanced durability and support.  This mattress is also available without the Healthsmart for a lower price.

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