Jun 08

Earphones: which one to buy and why?

By oak | Blog

Who does not have headphones? In the subway, plane or even at home, headphones have become a must for adults as well as for children and teenagers who wear almost permanently on their ears!

In this chronicle, we demystify these small, medium and large extensions of our personality.

Earphones which one to buy and why

Earphones which one to buy and why

Earphones: which one to buy and why?

What aspects should you look for to make the right choice of headphones? What is the offer on the market? What are the best earbuds under 50?

Opting for headphones with noise reduction or not? What are the pitfalls to avoid when buying?Continue reading

Mar 22

Best mattress for back pain

By oak | Blog

Finding the perfect mattress to help get back pain relief is a challenge but these common sense guidelines will help you pick the best mattress to get better sleep and wake without body aches. How to choose the best mattress under $500 for back pain?

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Mar 17

Top Ebook improve your Baby Sleep Problems

By oak | Blog

It’s the middle of the night, you’re tired, and your baby is crying, seemingly for the tenth time since you put them down. You have tried everything to get the baby to sleep and nothing seems to work…What do you do?

You are one of the many parents who is searching for the magic solution that is going to provide you and your baby with the nights sleep you both desperately need? Maybe you have tried many different types of ideas and methods to getting your baby to sleep and nothing seems to work. If all of this sounds familiar to you please read on.Continue reading

Jan 15

Should You Give Books Away For Free?

By oak | Blog

I deleted my account on “GoodReads” today. Yes, the sneer quotes are intentional.

I already feel better.

The place had been bothering me for quite a while. Since the first day, really.

Tech glitches. Way too many drive-by reviews (people just leaving a star or two, not taking the time to elaborate on why the drive-by slam), way too many people writing critically about others’ writing while making writing errors themselves. I snapped on that shit this morning and that was that. Buh-bye!

Even if GR really represents a deep vein of my “readers” (or my potential readers) — and I doubt that it does — then so be it, I am leaving them. I’ll go down in flames. I haven’t far to go anyway! But really, I can’t deal with hypocrisy. If find it just that abhorrent. I do.

Some of the bad over there is my own damned fault. I admit that. It started way back when I gave my books away using Amazon’s “free” runs (with Kindle Select, which is now in a tailspin, I hear, as a program, and may even be on its way out). A lot of people (users of GR, e.g.) would grab books for free and then do these drive-by “reviews.” Ugh.

Bottom line: I learn as I go, and I’m a bit thick sometimes. The big painful lesson here for me is this: I won’t give books away for free ever again unless it’s a one-time thing to one person, a blog reader, a subscriber, a fan. Unless it’s from my heart. Corny as that sounds. Because I put myself into the crap er I mean writing that I do.

This is NOT about cash or fame.

It’s about the devaluing of work. Someone who grabs a copy for free simply doesn’t value it. There’s no stake in anything. No commitment of any kind. That’s just my opinion. I think getting a book for free like that predisposes one’s attitude, even if it all remains subliminal. You’ll not convince me that this undercurrent isn’t there on some level: “Yay, scored another free read, probably a piece of shit or she would be selling it somewhere, but I got nothing better to do and fuck it, it’s FREE.”

When I get something for free in life, I know I always devalue it instantly. I assume it’s cheap crap. Don’t you? Has someone given you a Rolls Royce? Or have they given you a garishly designed coupon for fifty cents off with fine print that says it expires in a week and you also have to buy $25 worth of something else to claim the fifty-cent discount? Heh. Well, you see my point, I hope.

Anyway, goodbye GoodReads. Oh, and have a look at this awesome flowchart, “Should I Work For Free?” It’s really pretty much applicable to any work someone produces (Jessica Hische, the artist who did it, is a hugely successful professional letterer and graphic designer with an amazing portfolio and client list; she knows whereof she speaks).

Jan 15

Oh That Savill, She Is Making So Many Bad Career Moves!

By oak | Blog

This morning I decided to tell Draft2Digital to STOP pushing ALL THREE of my bestsellers to Kobo. Thus, even if Kobo changes their policy and wants to reinstate self-published books, and some (or all) of the self-published erotica books they have removed, I won’t be part of it. By my choice.

Because it’s the principle of the thing, ya know? I’m not selling there anyway, as you can see (below). So this is extra funny with “oh who cares, motherfucker?” sauce.

But I swear to you, even if I was selling tons of books there, I SWEAR TO YOU that I would have done the same thing this morning. You’d have to know me to know how serious I am about that. NO fucking kidding there. This is how I was brought up. My Mama instilled a strong sense of “tilt at windmills, Sheri” in me.

Meanwhile, take a look at this screen cap of my D2D dashboard this morning, for my bestseller, Marked for Submission:

Click for big. Porno-grade big. Heh.

E-COMMERCE: I’m still testing various e-commerce “solutions” for selling e-books on my own sites. And yours, if you ever need a smut-friendly web developer to set it all up for you (for a fee, of course). I have a testimonial from Trent Evans, too. He can vouch for me. I’m honest and discreet and this ain’t about the money, but I am good at what I do and I am uber-conscientious, so I deserve to be paid and will be charging for said web services. Stay tuned, or contact me early if you are seriously interested.

There is also a chance I will start my own e-publishing venture and be a distributor of erotica myself. You just never know. I had the know-how and zee Skillz.

Jan 03

Casper mattress vs Tempurpedic mattress reviews

By oak | Comparison


We firmly believe that you need a good night’s sleep and get energized. If you are a staunch believer in sleeping with the peace of your mind, then this post is for you. We will be discussing two major brand names from the mattresses industry that will help you decide which one to invest in case you are confused. You can also take some tips to buy your next by reading through this post. Below is a detailed discussion on casper mattress vs tempur-pedic mattress reviews that can make it easy for you.

More on casper mattress vs Tempur-pedic mattress reviews:

Casper Sleep Mattress Reviews

  1. Original design

Casper is an award winning mattress that is a result of a startup. It was judged as one of the most comfortable mattresses around. Moreover, the 4 layer foam with top layer of open-cell latex that can keep you cool as well as balanced; the second layer of memory foam (highly responsive) followed by third and fourth layers are of supportive foam make it super relaxing. The technology that goes into it is very high end which is why top magazines have named as the best invention of 2015 so far.

  1. Keeps you protected

By this we mean Casper has taken care that it keeps this memory foam mattress hypoallergenic. The open-cell latex makes all the difference as it is more breathable and bouncy.

  1. Affordable

You need to know one thing about this mattress that it is a premium quality mattress. Its standards are high and that you cannot deny the top notch materials that makes Casper what it is today. Nonetheless, this company has kept it very reasonable and looks like most buyers have no qualms about it.

  1. Low maintenance

It must be noted that all Casper products require less of your time. You just need to keep it clean and ventilated. You can opt for good old home remedies and most importantly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this.

Tempur-pedic reviews

  1. Unique design

Now, this is another mattress company that needs no introduction at all. Their standards are high and they produce first-rate merchandises that add to its meaning. The top two layers are made up of memory foam (viscoelastic) that provide ultimate support and bottom layers are of polyurethane foam that provides comfort. In addition to this, the cover is made up of stretchable polyester that makes it pretty relaxed.

  1. Technology

The technology that goes into this is commendable like the TEMPUR-Cloud and the TEMPUR support provides the ultimate cushioning. Mention has to be made about the SmartClimate System that makes this an upmarket product.

  1. Expect additional protection

Yes, it does keep you protected from microorganisms including dust mites. The use of memory foam makes it amply clear that the manufacturer does not want to play around with your health which is why they have used this breathable material into their mattress. This mattress is carefully engineered to meet demands of regular wear and tear.

  1. Home installation

Furthermore, this company offers for home installation facilities in a few states. You can find out more about that from leading online retail sites as well. This makes it easy for the buyer and they can get direct guidance about the preservation of this mattress.

Casper Mattress vs Tempur-Pedic – which one to choose

Hands down, this is a big dilemma that most people would face while making a selection between the two. Both the mattresses have their own side of the story and if you are looking for a premium at an affordable price, then Casper would be the best choice. Then again, if you want something that technologically advanced, then Tempur-Pedic should be your call. The following pointers may help you further:

  • Casper comes with 10 years of warranty
  • Tempur-Pedic is a smart mattress
  • Most users find Casper to be comfortable and as far as Tempur-Pedic is concerned, people have slept through fire on this mattress (no kidding)


Hope the above conversation on Casper mattress vs Tempur-pedic mattress reviews has been of help to you. Although, we would like to advise our readers about reading more on this if they like. Their reviews speak galore about them that get most of us entangled. However, we have talked about everything possible in this regards that will assist you to take a call.

Dec 18

Casper Mattress vs Tuft and Needle Mattress

By oak | Comparison

Comparison between Casper Mattress vs Tuft and Needle Mattress

Review – Casper Full Mattress:

An ideal bed size for single adults and teenagers, the Casper Full Mattress is 75-inch long and 54-inch wide. The top-notch sleep surface of the Casper is a blend of springy latex and the high-density memory foam. It gives relief to your body and keeps you cool all over the night. Provided with its dimensions, the full size fits best in a small bedroom which is actually not large enough for accommodating a big-size mattress.

This mattress is made using 4 different foam layers – top layer (latex foam), the second layer (memory foam), the third layer (support foam), and the bottom layer (support foam). This product comes with 10-year of warranty.

The Casper full-size mattress is pretty good to buy, but there are some other mattresses in the market, which offer more comfort, better quality, better support, better performance and a better night’s sleep for the similar amount of money invested by you.

Sizes – Casper Mattress:

  1. Twin & Twin XL: Twin size is 75-inch long and 39-inch wide. It’s perfect for children and great for single adults who live in small living spaces.

Twin XL size is 80-inch long and 39-inch wide. It’s the best solution for individual adults and taller youngsters with limited living space.

  1. Queen: The queen size Casper mattress is 80-inch long and 60-inch wide. It is really good enough for individuals and couples who prefer getting additional space for moving around in bed.
  2. King: This size of Casper mattress is 80-inch long and 76-inch wide. It can easily accommodate the couples and they can share the bed with their children or a big-size pet.
  3. California King: This longest Casper mattress is 84-inch long and 72-inch wide. Its sizable length makes it perfect for people over 6 ft. tall. People of average height also can use it alongside pets.
  4. Full: The full-size Casper mattress is 75-inch long and 54-inch wide. It’s called a double and is wider than a twin size. It’s good to be used in the guest room and the couple can’t share it with kids or pets.

Review- Tuft & Needle Mattress:

Tuft & Needle is one of the greatest mattress companies who has already highly shaken up the industry by providing with incredibly comfortable mattress.

This gorgeous mattress is made with 2 foam layers- top layer (comfort) and the bottom layer (foundational). This soft textured foam which provides with simply the right amount of support whenever a user put his/her weight on it. This luxurious mattress is environment-friendly and amazingly crafted with cotton fibers and comes with a low-VOC polyurethane cover as well – Brooklyn Bedding vs Tuft and Needle Mattress.

This mattress is proudly offering a 10-year of warranty and at present is rated as the no.1 mattress in the market. The top layer of the Tuft & Needle Mattress comes with a pad which relieves pressure, particularly on the shoulders and hips. People with lower back pain really prefer it as it helps them get rid of the pain. In a nutshell, this mattress is the best investment for you if you want a quality sleep.

Sizes – Tuft & Needle Mattress:

  1. Twin, Twin XL: Twin size is ideal for kids or single adults. It is 75-inch long and 39-inch wide.

The Twin XL size is 5-inch longer than the Twin. It is 80-inch long and 39-inch wide. It’s best for the couples who want a double bed.

  1. Queen: This size of Tuft & Needle mattress is 80-inch long and 60-inch wide. This bed can be easily shared by two people. This is completely ideal for a guest room.
  2. King: This size of Tuft & Needle mattress is 80-inch long and 76-inch wide. This is ideal for the couples who can use it in a large living room without compromising their comfort.
  3. California King: This one is the extra thicker size of Tuft & Needle mattress which is 84-inch long and 72-inch wide. This bed can be shared by couples along with kids or a sizeable pet also.

Review – Casper Mattress vs Tuft and Needle Mattress:

Both Casper and Tuft & Needle are two leading mattress companies who are presently shaking the market in a big way. With the offerings of both, the preference can be varied from man to man.  Here find some highlighted features which are clearly comparing these two mattresses:

  • Construction:

Casper offers the 9.5-inch hybrid foam mattress that is made of 4 different layers – top layer (synthetic Dunlop latex foam), the second layer (memory foam), the third layer (poly foam), and the bottom layer (support foam).

Tuft & Needle uses only two poly foam layers – top and bottom layers.

  • Cover:

Both the Casper and Tuft & Needle mattresses feature same covers. The covers are mostly white, fairly simple, slightly stretchy, and provides a good feel. Both are really soft and thin.

  • Comfort, Firmness, and Support:

In terms of firmness, both the Casper and Tuft & Needle mattresses are same. Both the mattresses use thin comfort layers and so the heavier sleepers find them less comfortable and less supportive.

In terms of comfort, both mattresses show their differences. Casper mattress combines the memory and latex foam which gives a hug like feeling. On the other hand, the Tuft & Needle mattress gives a floating feel.

Which one is the best?

In terms of price, the Tuft & Needle mattress is really a worth investment of money. But the Casper mattress is made with better materials and gives more comfort than the Tuft & Needle mattress. However, the choice is totally depending on the buyer in terms of choosing one.

Comparison Table – Casper vs. Tuft & Needle:

Product Name Casper Mattress Tuft & Needle Mattress
Key Features ·         Made in the USA

·         4 hybrid foam layer construction

·         6 different sizes – twin, twin XL, full, king, queen and California queen

·         10-year limited warranty

·         Made in the USA

·         2 poly foam layer construction

·         6 different sizes – twin, twin XL, full, king, queen and California queen

·         10-year easy warranty

Weight ·         Twin – 55 pound

·         Twin XL – 57 pound

·         Full – 72 pound

·         Queen – 83 pound

·         King – 103 pound

·         California King – 104 pound

·         Twin – 54 pound

·         Twin XL – 56 pound

·         Full – 68 pound

·         Queen – 78 pound

·         King – 93 pound

·         California king –  93 pound

Dimension ·         Twin- 39” x 75” x 10”

·         Twin XL – 39” x 80” x 10”

·         Full – 54” x 75” x 10”

·         King – 76” x 80” x 10”

·         Queen – 60” x 80” x 10”

·         California King – 72” x 84” x 10”

·         Twin- 39” x 75” x 10”

·         Twin XL – 39” x 80” x 10”

·         Full – 54” x 75” x 10”

·         King – 76” x 80” x 10”

·         Queen – 60” x 80” x 10”

·         California King – 72” x 84” x 10”