Top 10 popular tourist destinations of Can Tho

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Jul 11

Can Tho is the central city of the Mekong Delta, located peacefully by Hau River. The lifestyle of people here is featured of a countryside, so Can Tho is now becoming an attractive tourist destination of the West.
Let’s take a look at 10 famous tourist sites in Can Tho!

Top 10 popular tourist destinations of Can Tho

Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang is one of the famous river markets in the South West Vietnam. The market specializes in fruits and agricultural products. In the morning, there are hundreds of large boat stays close together. People will hang the selling product on the pole in the boat so everyone will know what they selling without asking. Cai Rang floating market has become the most attractive tourist place of Can Tho. See more at:

Can Tho Garden

Can Tho gardens is always full of ripe fruit trees which attract crowded tourists to visit. Come here, visitors can walk and serve themselves variety fruits at the garden and some other dishes such as grilled fish, boiled snail…

3. Stork garden Bang Lang

Bang Lang Stork Garden is one of the largest bird sanctuaries of Cửu Long. On the way from Can Tho to Long Xuyen City (An Giang) , about 5km away from Thot Not town is Bang Lang stork garden. Here, visitors can see hundreds, thousands or tens thousands of colorful storks (white storks, gray storks, black storks) flying in the sky.

Binh Thuy ancient house

The two-story house with French architecture was built by Duong family in 1870. The platform of the house is 1 meter high and there are four steps to connect the house with large front yard, the ceiling is high, painted decorative pattern, and many small doors with simple iron frame, which helps to ventilate the house.
This is a rare and ancient pattern that still remains to this day, helping researchers to understand their daily life and culture as well as to understand the development process under different impacts at the time between Two centuries of Mekong Delta residents.

Ông Pagoda

Ông Pagoda is a place of religious and cultural activities of Chinese in Can Tho. This place has a unique architecture and is still preserved almost perfect from the beginning. The roof of the pagoda is covered with yin-yang tiles, on the edge of the roof is countless figurines made of ceramic, shaped fish and dragonflies pattern which flanking the moon or the sun.

Nam Nha Pagoda

Previously, Nam Nha Pagoda was a drugstore of Chinese traditional medicine of Nam Nha Street and also the place of contacting, and meeting of scholars in the anti-French movement which was organized by the Vietnam Quang Phuc Association.
In this place, tourists not only enjoy the ancient beauty of the pagoda but also can explore the exciting activities of the patriotic artist in the movement Dong Du, Hau Giang Special Committee in the difficult early years of the Vietnamese revolution.

Phuoc Hau Temple

In Tan Nhan, there is an ancient temple standing in the middle of the old bamboo canopy. This temple is very important to the history of Buddhism in Vietnam in the twentieth century as well as the revolutionary history of Vinh Long Province and the southwestern region during the anti-American period.

Top 10 popular tourist destinations of Can Tho

Can Tho Ancient Market

Can Tho Ancient Market, also known as Hang Duong Market was built at the same time with two big markets in Saigon, Ben Thanh Market, and Binh Tay Market. The market features a very unique characteristic of Mekong Delta. At night, many boats carried products from the rural area with lights in front of the prow, made the river glow.

Tay Do Night Market

Tay Do Night Market is a major trading center of the Southern provinces as well as a place for entertainment and tourist attractions. In the past, this place was a focal point for the transfer of goods to many local area and foreign. In addition to the exchange of goods, there are also food services, entertainment …

Ninh Kieu Wharf

Ninh Kieu Wharf attracts visitors by the scenic river and the charming location overlooking the beautiful Hau Giang River. This is a famous tourist destination of Can Tho. Tourists come here are attracted by the water house on the river.
The house is a floating boat connected by a bridge, both sides of the bridge are rail so that visitors can assure about safety.

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