Why does weekend kirmess attract many tourists?

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Sep 21

Why does weekend kirmess attract many tourists?

Last summer, my friends and I booked tours at tourindanangbestprice.com  to discover the famous tourist attractions of Da Nang. Tour booking helps tourists save money and be more comfortable. We had many great experiences for 2 days in Da Nang tour. we came to Da Nang on Saturday and Sunday so we could see slow daily activities of Da Nang residents. Instead of, the places of entertainment are exciting. Coming to Da Nang at the weekend, you will have a good time with interesting weekend kirmess.

The first attraction of special kirmess is a space which is spacious, airy and has the meticulous decoration from the stalls to aisleS. They can make the shoppers more comfortable and convenient. Furthermore, it will be very easy for you to find and buy the goods because of clear separation of all stalls. Instead of going to the theatre, coffee shop or visiting the familiar places,… you can go to Da Nang to have more choices as visiting, shopping or having fun in weekend kirmess.

The weekend kirmess in Da Nang often takes place in the same 17h-22h from Friday to Sunday every week. Joining in the kirmess, your feeling certainly is losing in shopping paradise. There are many stalls with different goods here.

In this place, people sell many kinds of clothes which are both new ones with stamps and second-hand ones. Generally, these clothes are very trendy and their prices are reasonable, so I spent much money in buying clothes here.

The decorative items and phone accessories are very diversified. The phone accessories stalls have lots of pretty models of phone cases so attract many tourists. The handmade stalls are also crowded. In these stalls, some souvenirs such as bracelets, keychains, ornaments are designed beautifully and cutely. In other handmade stalls, some products are made directly for everyone to see and many people are queuing to buy some pretty small accessories.

The food stalls attract the most quantity of tourists. In eating and drinking area, there are many stalls with styles of different nations such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, Italia, and Vietnam,… For me, my favorite foods are steamed rolled rice pancakes, Da Nang roast meat with raw vegetables and girdle cake. A roasting-jack costs 5,000 VND. You just only eat 4 roasting-jacks with raw vegetables, you will be full.

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In the eating and drinking area, there is also a pavilion of Hue pancakes such as buns, filters cakes,… Filter cakes are steamed at hand so when table companions call dishes, the boss only put them on plates and add beef pies, crayfish and fish sauce. The specific characteristic of Hue dishes is spicy flavor. Therefore, if you can’t eat spicy dishes, you can be told the boss that before.

Thai dishes are also processed attractively. Some dishes such as grilled ribs, cuttles and octopuses are colorful and tasty. Companions who like spicy flavor, they will love Thai dishes.

Da Nang weekend kirmess attracts many foreign tourists. these tourists are interested in eating and drinking spaces and pretty small accessories on all stalls.

Besides, weekend kirmess has a good space for tourists to enjoy all the musical performances freely. Each weekend kirmess with a special title is decorated outstandingly.

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